THODORIS PRISIMITZAKIS

                                 INO KOULADOUROU

Porto Oro Suites is a 4 * luxury hotel with a total capacity of 33 rooms following different typologies, ranging from a standard double room to an executive suite.

Morphologically, the hotel has been designed to acquire a cubist identity, exuding modern aesthetics, but at the same time borrowing elements of the local architecture into its individual architectural vocabulary. This cubist form has been chosen in order to deconstruct the building’s large facade and integrate it into the general smaller scale of neighboring housing buildings. This main facade of the building’s robust volume will be an interactive elevation since, with the use of sliding aluminum panels, it will change over the course of the day.

Inspired by the building’s proximity to the custom’s loading point as well as the small port of the Lixouri ferry, wood was used to coat the frames of the main facade, a material widely used for the contruction of vessels. This element is also found on the lobby’s dropped ceiling in an attempt to aesthetically connect the exterior to the interior. Apart from wood and metal, other materials used are glass, metal, cement mortar in various shades, various types of marble and Venetian terrazzo which was widely used in the 1970s.

With numerous concrete columns on the ground floor, the hotel was designed aiming to enhance the concept of the pilotis, a term used to describe ground-level supporting columns in modern architecture. Here, the pilotis is used to create an open space of circulation under the vast volume above, tranferring the more private uses of the hotel such as the rooms, to the upper levels while creating a free space of leisure and relaxation on the ground floor.

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