Tesoro Blu Hotel + Spa consists of 89 rooms and 4 suites, with a total capacity of 200 beds, and is built on the southeastern tip of Kefalonia on a seaside plot, surrounded by wild, dense slopes.

The complex is developed in an east-west axis. To the south, the plot is adjacent to a stream and to the northwest to a dense vegetation, both of which not only act as strong physical boundaries but also become central elements in the whole compositional idea.

Synthetically, the reception building is defined by two elements: the atrium, around which integrate all three levels of the building, visually and functionally, and the wall of exposed concrete, which forms the boundary between the main entrance of the hotel and the building itself, creating a second aspect from the north.

The suites are deployed linearly along the stream and consist of four independent buildings of three levels conversing visually with the stream and providing visitors an intense contact with nature.

The rooms are organized in bars, which, depending on the position and orientation, define plateaus, routes and stops, while composing a microscale of building blocks.

The materials used are exposed concrete, plaster, glass, metal and wood, giving, through the use of colors like white and various shades of gray, a modern concept while borrowing some elements of the local architecture. These are reflected in the buildings gradually: from the main building with strict modern lines the visitor is guided to the rooms where references to local architecture are more specific but subtly apparent.

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