This two-floor house located in Porto Rafti, as part of the settlement "Apollonion"- work of the famous architect Constantinos Doxiadis -, has been renovated in order to serve the needs of a large family.

The house, which is a mixed construction of local stone and reinforced concrete, has two levels that expand in their respective backyards. The upper level, where the main entrance is located, consists of the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the master bedroom with its own bathroom. An internal staircase leads to the lower level, which includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as the residence’s service rooms.

Following the request of both the owner and the architect, the existing flooring of Karystos slates was maintained and preserved. Also, the balcony’s railing was replaced with that of Doxiadis’ original design and the external staircase’s railing with stone masonry. Doxiadis’ characteristic architectural feature of small cement-framed square windows was imprinted on this stone wall, an element that is repeated in various parts of the estate.

Having as a reference the Karystos slate floors and the whitewashed stone masonry, earthly and raw materials where selected and combined with modern furnishing, adding small touches of special color tones, thus creating a modern and fresh atmosphere.




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