K-division is an Athens based architectural firm founded in 2013 by Mike Kraounakis. The firm practices in both the architectural and interior design as well as the construction field, managing a wide variety of projects from the planning state through completion.

The firm’s extensive experience is vividly expressed through a portfolio composed of a wide range of residential, commercial, hotel and interior design projects, throughout Greece.

We apprehend architecture as a mean of expression in search of forms and spaces for a better lifestyle. Living abroad has had quite an influence on the firm's work, providing an endless inspiration for our restless pursuit of architecture, which best expresses our ideas and views of life itself.

Our approach towards our projects is holistic, spanning from conception to implementation, where the principles met in a thorough research of each place’s history and tradition, is expressed through contemporary materials aiming in a high quality and sustainable architectural experience.

K-division's projects have been published in various printed and web magazines of architecture and design while the firm has participated and been awarded in several exhibitions and competitions, such as the 7th Biennale of Young Greek Architects, the Architecture Awards of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture in 2012 and the 100% Hotel Design Awards of 2015 and 2017.


research / concept / expression / architecture / construction