Honeymoon travelling is one of the major sectors of tourism. In this perspective, it is obvious that it applies to all types of hotels, such as a summer or winter resort as well as a city hotel, giving the honeymoon couple the oppurtunity to literaly select amongst any destination for this journey.

K-division's concept is based on designing a flexible layout, applicable on any hotel type, combining all the facilities a newlywed couple could wish for with all the functionality and luxury hoteliers would look for.

Based on the above, k-division's proposal consists of three layouts, all variations of one basic plan, that can adjust to the needs and the climate conditions of the above mentioned hotel types.

Thus, the seperating wall between the living room and the bedroom in the summer resort, becomes a double sided fireplace both in the winter resort and the city hotel.

Respectively, the summer suite's pool becomes a water surface in the winter suite, with a matching transformation of the outdoor layout. The sheltered outdoor area with the use of a pergola for the necessary shading during summer time, is substituted by a more solid covering formed by the building's roof, while a closed outdoor space is created with sliding glass doors, where fire and water, compose an absolute contrast.

All the above layouts are supplemented with luxurious furniture, fabrics and materials. The choice of the elements differs in each hotel type, in terms of colour and texture, aiming always to create an atmosphere which will contribute to a unique honeymoon experience.



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