Our challenge was this: how does someone imprint such a strong traditional character of a product, which has its roots thousands of years ago, in a space that will reflect the dynamics of today, not only throughout its decoration but also in its general planning. Certainly, the materials’ choice would assist to accomplish the above, but the lead vehicle needed to be the designing of the space.

We achieved our goal symbolically, through an oblong layout: a linear design of a synthetic material, with an intense hue, symbolizing the dynamics of today but also reposing, almost adrift, on the stability of the past, when elements as cement tiles, decorated the floors of many Mediterranean houses.

On this linear volume and in full view, the different origin fried dough sweets are prepared, thus achieving the customers’ interaction in discovering different flavor cultures.

The decoration is supplemented by raw materials, like Swedish timber in a floating dropped ceiling and grey cement mortar for the floor and the walls, onto which, with a vintage mood, the product is communicated to the customer.

Throughout the design, the use of materials in their raw form and their combination with synthetic materials in a constant interaction, is keenly apparent, creating visual and flavor stimulus.

Loukumami is a modern patisserie in the center of Athens, serving traditional Greek (Loukoumades), Spanish (Churros) and French (Beignets) sweets made with deep fried dough and served with different toppings, fillings and ice cream.



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