Thalatta Seaside Hotel is located between the rich green pine forest of Agia Anna and the pristine beachfront of the blue Aegean Sea. The clean architectural lines, the contemporary aesthetics and the small scale settlement blend beautifully with the iconic environment.

The hotel is comprised of 50 rooms, one junior & one private pool suite, all supported by the reception, the bar, the restaurant, the spa and the conference hall.

The whole complex is organized by two pathways which form an imaginary cross. The first is determined by the main entrance and the second by the visitor’s movement from the rooms to the beach and vice versa. The section of these two architectural “lines” forms the lobby and the infinity swimming pool, which surrounds the complex and “sits” between the hotel and the beach, creating the central meeting place of the hotel.

Even though the architectural vocabulary is the same throughout the whole complex, there is a deliberate main difference between the main lobby and the rooms. The first “works” like a big pergola as the elusiveness of the glass allows the elimination of all borders between the inside and the outside. On the other hand, the buildings where the rooms are located, enjoy a more directional view; either the view of the forest or the view of the Aegean Sea. The later has been done in order to create a very private yet unique atmosphere.

The raw materials, the earthly colors, the warmth of wood finishes, the elegant furnishing and the whole lighting design provide an ideal balance in the hotel’s special appearance.

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